The Water of Life

We have an exciting special for you this week, Cask Chasers. We discussed in last week's episode what an exciting time it is to be a whisky fan as we witness the progression of a revolution that is occurring in the industry. At the forefront, we see a growing number of tv shows, short films and documentaries capturing the essence of what goes into your favorite glass of scotch or bottle of bourbon. One film, The Water of Life, takes us into some of Scotland's best known distilleries and more than a few hidden gems to explore each distiller's quest to create the world's best whisky. On this week's episode, we have the Producer and Cinematographer of the Water of Life film, Brad Kenyon, to discuss filming the movie, their experiences traveling around Scotland and how taking a love for whisky and turning that into beatiful art is not only for the distillery, but also for the big screen.

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