All About the Alba

We have an interesting twist this week, Cask Chasers! Aberlour is one of our favorite distilleries. Did you know that A'bunadh is Gaelic for "The Original"? Known for its distinct Sherry finishes, Aberlour is a Speyside that does not disappoint. The A'bunadh Alba is the newest release from the Aberlour Distillery but it is not what you would typically expect from them. Alba being the Gaelic word for "White" gets its name from the American White Oak used during matruation and absent of any finish. Its a twist on the norm and, as we discuss, may also put a twist on the price points. Plus, have you ever wanted an easier way to keep track of all of your whisky adventures? If a pad and a pen just aren't going to work for you, we discuss some of our favorite whisky apps to help you keep track of all of those tasting notes.

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