Alright Cask Chasers...prepare yourselves for something a little different. We here at the Cask Chasers Podcast, like so many, had to make the decision on what to do with our show during this pandemic. With all three of us under quarantine, it made getting into the studio impossible, but we did not want that to stop us from bringing you all new episodes. So we are recording the show from three different locations: our own homes! Bobby and Aaron will be calling into the show while I man the studio. This was our first all remote show so we have some kinks to work out, but its all about talking whisky no matter what the obstacle is. We hope you enjoy this all new episode, and also some of the things we have lined up in the coming weeks for our Cask Chasers From Home Edition including some all new interviews. This week, it is all about making it work and how we are getting by, both in life and on the show.

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