Archive for November 2021

Sam Knash Green

Sam Knash Green, the Scribe of Spirits joins the crew this week to talk about his book "Beginners Guide to Whiskey," our favorite spirits, and more along the way.

Cask Chasers Faves!

Katie, Bobby, and Aaron dig into some of their all-time favorite whisky expressions this episode after Katie addresses the Elephant in the room...

Jack with Black Button is back again for part 2! This week, Jack and the crew finally get to taste some of the stuff coming out of Black Button and WOW! 

Black Button's Jack Scardino joins the crew this week to talk about Rochester's first grain-to-glass distillery since prohibition. Jack talks about how he's done just about every j...

Is Age Just a Number?

Age statements. Do they matter? Should you care? What do they really mean? Join Katie, Bobby, and Aaron as they dive into the subject and throw toilet paper at blimps on this week'...

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